Thursday, May 17, 2012

{a priceless tea set}

Houses become homes when they are filled with family, love...AND a few "favorite things." Perhaps your favorites are special keepsakes, unique purchases, gifts from loved ones, or generational treasures. Most probably have a story and fond memory attached. I like to hear those stories. And I thought it would be fun to shout out a few of mine. So here's the beginning of a short fun blog series on a few of my favorite things within my home.

We’ll begin in the dining room. This one is easy. My favorite thing in my dining room is this brass, silver and gold tea set.

Here’s why: My husband has served 23 years in the military, including one year in Baghdad (Jan-Dec 2005) and he brought me home this tea serving set from Baghdad. I know I know who would’ve thought he’d bring me home anything but himself, but he did. And obviously his coming home was gift enough!!!  

{side note: that year was pretty rough: tough on the home front and rough on the frontlines there. But that’s another story and just a little nudge to all of us to continually thank our beloved military}

As I was saying…one of my favorite things is this tea set…because every time I look at it or clean it, I remember. I remember very clearly. I remember 2005 filled with its heartaches and struggles, but above all that, I am reminded of this simple heartwarming truth:  My husband is a hero.

This tea set (and my husband) bring sunshine to my every day. My heart swells with pride, joy, and gratefulness for a heroic, brave man that loves his country, family, and fellow man.

Yep, this tea set is definitely a favorite thing!

Do you have a story to share or favorite thing in your dining room? I'd love to hear.
{sunshine on cloudy days}

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