Wednesday, May 9, 2012

{family name}

Stephanoff est. 1985
We’ve been the Stephanoffs for 27 years and holding! I love my sign because to me it represents a healthy pride of family, loyalty, and love. Placed right above a closet door in the kitchen area, the slightly distressed look gives it that warm welcoming feeling of Home Sweet Home.

Like what you see? Asking where can I find?

My girlfriend, Stephanie, made my sign for my birthday! Skillfully crafted from 5"x28" solid wood that perfectly aligns with a standard 28" door. We would be happy to make a customized family sign for you, too! Just email for a personalized quote or visit my store at Etsy/SunshineOnCloudyDays

p.s. Follow Stephanie on her blog: WhenTheKidsAreSleeping

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