Friday, August 10, 2012

{the floating vanity}

I am so ready to get my bathroom remodeled and back in order!

The Plan:   head to Lowe's tomorrow to order my bathroom vanities. After MUCH research, looking, procrastinating, looking some more, I think I've landed on "the look." And in this moment I am daring to put it on paper so I can document the journey and see how close I come with the final product. Of course, I reserve the right to change my mind (which I sometimes do!)

Goal:  a soft modern / traditional blend with clean lines and a classic look that I will love for years. We do NOT want to do this again.

Answer:  floating vanity  

Here are a few floating vanities that I love. All images are from If you haven't discovered Houzz yet, oh boy, just stop now and browse. No need to look further than this site for any of your home decorating needs and "wants"! Go ahead, let yourself dream!

Floating Vanity & Natural Skylight

love the floating vanity

Floating Vanity Design

floating vanity

Floating double bathroom vanity

Shower, tub, and tile dream ideas will follow soon. Wish me luck at Lowe's!

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