Monday, April 30, 2012

{check the thermostat please}

We converted our thermostat to digital, which then left a different paint color showing. I could have touched it up…but I was busy procrastinating so consequently one year later, here we were:

Before pic: embarrassing! 

But NOW check the upstairs and downstairs thermostats! I chose to cover up the different paint shades with this great framing idea. Great solution if you, too, are busy procrastinating, or don't have touch-up paint, or just want to add a little extra flair!

Like anything you see? Asking where can I find?
LiveLaughLove: Michaels, clearance $3.47
Black frame: HomeGoods, $5.99

Sunday, April 29, 2012

{heritage wall}

I love family, traditions, heritage…and black & white photos! Add that up and we have ourselves what I call our “heritage wall.” What a great place to intentionally pause and remember! Plus I love taking guests to my heritage wall, citing who’s who and sharing a favorite memory.

I purchased a full scale wall template to help me with the design and layout. The template allowed me to visually see the recommended balance. I rotated the template and moved the frames around to make it work for the images I wanted to display. I also added a third row of frames because I had a lot of photos and I also wanted to use the entire space. And I think that’s a key point… occupying the entire space of your wall for greatest impact.

Be sure to use a laser level and be particularly mindful that the outside parameter on every side aligns. I also purchased all of the same type and color frames, just varied the sizes.

After playing around with it, moving and tweaking, I settled on placement but was left with a “gap” in the design. That’s when the idea dropped to apply a “word.” I came up with heritage but you could create any word like: family, your last name, a favorite saying, or feel free to borrow my word heritage.

I painted the letters black and applied them to the wall with scrapbook photo dots.

Like anything you see? Asking, where can I find?
Answer: All things Michaels!
Template: Michaels, $5
Wall Frames: Michaels, great deal buy one get one free
Individual Letters: Michaels, $2 each

If you have a smart phone, consider downloading the free Michaels app to keep their weekly coupon handy!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

{guest bath reveal}

My first purchase for our bathroom renovation was a curved shower curtain rod, inspired from a stay at the Westin Hotel. I thought aloud, “I will get one of these!” feeling like this find was not just for a luxury hotel experience! Most rods add about 6 inches of elbow room, an easy “kick it up a notch” consideration for your bathroom face lift.

Horizontal paint stripe. Love. The clean, crisp stripe makes the room feel bigger and adds visual interest, no artwork needed.

There are plenty of on-line tutorials and google images for painting stripes. This isn't a task for the faint-hearted perfectionist... it does take time, not gonna lie. Would I do it again? Yes.

Towel baskets and toilet paper holder. Allows flexibility in placement and not your "ordinary" look. 

Hanging a clock in the bathroom…why didn't I think of that sooner…aren’t we always wondering how much time we have left to get ready?

One simple hook near the shower for convenience in grabbing your towel!

Guest Tip: Perhaps your overnight guest forgot something? Keep an under-the-sink, help-yourself basket for those “I forgot my _____” occasions. Easy. Thoughtful.

Like anything you see? Asking, "Where can I find?"
Rod: Walmart
Shower Curtain: Target 
Clock: Target 
Toilet Paper Holder: Target 
Inspiration for the wall baskets came from:
Lights and Mirror: Quoizel Lighting 
Bath Cabinet: Lowe's