Sunday, May 20, 2012

{good, better, best}

I woke up Saturday morning with a bug. The bug to paint something! (I got the paint gene honestly from my mom: she loves to paint and I can remember coming home from school often to a new colored something!) Anyways, armed with a can of oil rubbed bronze spray paint, off I went.

First in order: I tackled my brass door knobs I've been wanting to do!

Here's the original door {good}

Here's the painted the door giving it some added character {better}

And NOW we've eliminated the shiny brass knob {best}

Wow! At this point I am quickly becoming addicted to oil rubbed bronze spray paint.
Spontaneity continues... I painted my floor vents... they were truly sad looking...


I painted 7 floor vents and 2 sets of knobs so far from one can and it's not empty yet! I stepped into my powder room and  decided to spray paint the mirror, hey why not? Hello, domino effect. THAT turned into a painting frenzy… but THAT's another blog!

I still have a few more door knobs to go, all in a day's thrill of spontaneity!  

Helpful Hint: I used Dixie cups to mount the door knobs for easy spraying.

Here's a picture of my new love...this relationship is going places!

Like anything you see? Asking where can I find?
Rust-oleum Spray Paint at Lowe's. $8/can (and it's still not empty!)

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