Tuesday, May 8, 2012

{baseboard basics}

“Why did I wait so long to do that?” Ever ask yourself that question after you finished doing something and then realized, “Hey that wasn’t so bad and now look how good it looks!” That was my reaction to painting my baseboards this past weekend. They were long overdue for a fresh coat of paint (because I’d prefer to slap a fresh color on a wall or create something new rather than do “maintenance” work). But maintenance needs to happen and painting baseboards is worth mentioning. And honestly it didn’t take long for my adrenalin to kick in because of the instant HUGE difference in brightening things up.

Consider this a friendly reminder to step back and take a peak at your baseboards. I now find myself on a painting binge!

Biggest Tip:
1.       Use a good angled paint brush. I like Purdy brushes. DO NOT skimp on your paint brush.
2.       Use good paint. I like Sherwin Williams or Lowe's Valspar brand.

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