Tuesday, July 24, 2012

{I mustache you a question}

Surely you've seen one of the latest trends, right? Close your eyes. Think.
Ah, yes...the mustache! Now smile.
Kinda cool, fun, and makes you smirk. I guess ALL things cycle through time (like decades) and I suppose the mustache is better seen on paper and "stuff" vs on your husband's or boyfriend's face, right? My husband had a mustache when we first met and YES when I walked the aisle. Haha hysterical. I do have fond memories of that crazy, hairy thing, but I gotta admit I'm glad it no longer exists on my man. That thing took on a life of its own and no matter how he tried to shave, trim, and keep that bad boy under check, it was out of control! So here's to a little mustache humor and reminiscing...


  [muhs-tash, muh-stash]
the hair growing on the upper lip
such hair on men, allowed to grow without shaving, and often trimmed in any of various shapes.
hairs or bristles growing near the mouth of an animal.

Ha! funny-sayings
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print and cut out...
Print and cut out!
mustache. mustache. mustache.
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source: pinterest.com

HAHA indeed! Have a great day!

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