Monday, July 2, 2012

{red, white, blue, AND chocolate}

Feast your eyes and just wait 2 more days!!! Here is more July 4 yumminess about to happen! 
What do you do when you are addicted to chocolate and are asked to bring a dessert?
Simple answer: you carry red, white, and blue...AND chocolate!

I am soooo making these kabobs and taking to our July 4 celebration!
Yum! Brownie kebabs

AND I may take a few of these too...
Dipped Ice Cream Sandwiches

AND these! oh yea, baby, why not? the sprinklers will already be out...
Chocolate Covered Strawberries - Red, White, & Blue

AND then toss leftovers into one delish pie...(maybe for July 5...shhhh...don't tell anyone)
red white and blue chocolate "pizza"

Please have a safe and happy July 4 celebrating with your friends and family!
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