Friday, July 6, 2012

{master bedroom tour}

Chris and I are celebrating our 27th wedding anniversary this month. Yay, us! So with that in mind, let's continue my blog series, "Favorite Things" and take a brief tour of the master bedroom.

I recently updated a few things in my bedroom after a trip to Hilton Head with my girlfriends! What a fantastic time together and an awesome shopping experience! It was the easiest re-do EVER. With trusted designer friends by my side, I confidently sat back (really, I did) and said, “Y’all just shop and make the decision for me!” And being the good friends that they are, they did just that. “Here, Lori, buy this!” and “Okay, you need this!” were being echoed in agreement. We kinda took over HomeGoods, laid things out all over the store as if they existed just for us (there was 8 of us shopping together). I walked away with all new bedding, window treatments, an oil painting, a side table, and lamp!

Here is the result of that shopping extravaganza...
My walls were already painted Sherwin Williams mocha which matched perfectly with the brown and robin egg blue palette of the new bedding. The window treatments are actually QN duvet covers, which act like fully lined curtains. All I did was sew in a rod pocket!

I love all my new decor but the favorite things in my bedroom have been my favorites for decades. 

Favorite Thing #6...
Married July 26, 1985
I may change out a lot of things in my bedroom, but this picture will remain!
(I'm sure everyone has their wedding picture framed, too)

A close 2nd favorite would be my children’s baby pictures. These images will stay on my wall and in my heart forever...
Sarah, born 8/6/86, and Joshua, born 10/31/88

And a silly but 3rd favorite would be this bust lamp. I know, my husband doesn’t get it either. I’ve had this lamp for years, it’s been knocked over, broken, re-glued, and put back together repeatedly. Which means she has A LOT of "character" and I like her!
And that concludes our tour of my master bedroom!

Let me encourage you to sneak away with your girlfriends this summer on a day trip to a shopping or outlet mall. Maybe they can help you do something new or fresh in your home. Even if you don’t buy anything, the laughter and getaway experience is good medicine!!!

p.s. Chris and I are now in the DIY tear down stage of our master bathroom. That renovation is taking some time...hopefully look for that post at end of summer!

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